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Hill Elementary

The following items are currently offered by Troy School District.

The following items are currently available:

Hill 1st Grade (Garner) to Troy Public Library
Mrs. Garner's 1st grade class will visit the Troy Public Library on March 25, 2019.
Price: $6.00

Hill 4th Gr Trip to Lansing
4th Grade Trip to Lansing on March 26, 2019. Annual trip to the state capitol building and the Michigan Historical Museum via charter bus. The cost of the bus is $35 for both students and chaperones.
Price: $35.00

Hill iPad Annual Insurance
Annual student iPad insurance. $10 per device per school year.
Price: $10.00

Hill iPad Equipment fees
Payment of fees incurred for damaged, lost or stolen iPad device:
iPad Damage, tempered glass with insurance - $5
iPad Damage, tempered glass without insurance - $10
iPad Damage, excessive break with insurance - $50
iPad Damage, 1st break without insurance - $50
iPad Damage, 2nd break without insurance - $100
iPad Damage, 3rd break without insurance - $150
iPad Lost/stolen with insurance - $100
iPad Lost/stolen without insurance $300
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Hill Media Fines
Payment of Hill library fines.
Price: Add to cart, then enter amount

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