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Memorial Donations

The following items are currently offered by Northside Education Foundation.

The following items are currently available:

In Memory of Dr. Winn Murnin
Donations are specific to the namesake Dr. Winn Murnin Scholarship Fund
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In Memory of Jennifer Patlovany
Jennifer Patlovany was a passionate and tireless supporter of children's education and development. Food and clothing insecurity were especially important causes for her and her family. Donations will support these and other educational efforts.
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In Memory of Olivia M Lopez-Ramirez
To remember the life of Murnin Elementary teacher of 17 years, Olivia M. Lopez Ramirez. Family wishes to use donations for a designated fund of a scholarship named to memorialize Olivia Ramirez. Recipients of the Olivia M. Lopez-Ramirez Memorial Scholarship award will be graduating senior candidates desiring to become a teacher.
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NEF Memorial Donations
NEF memorials are a good way to honor a deceased, student, teacher, or community member. Memorial donations are added to fund for NEF Classroom Innovation Grants. Please include the name, name of family, address to receive a letter of donation. Also include your contact information.
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