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Amanda Moore - IPAD INCIDENT

The following items are currently offered by Romeo Community Schools.

The following items are currently available:

1st Incident
Price: $25.00

2nd Incident
Price: $50.00

3rd Incident-Full Cost of Repair or Replacement
Price: Add to cart, then enter amount

IPAD Loss/Damage Beyond Repair w/o Police Report
Without Police Report.
Price: $579.00

IPAD Loss/Damage Beyond Repair with Police Report
'Must' Provide Police Report.
Price: $200.00

Extensive Damage
IPAD - Extensive Damage
Price: $200.00

IPAD Charger Set
Price: $38.00

IPAD Lighting Cable only
Price: $19.00

IPAD Power Adapter (Brick)
Price: $19.00

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