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3. Football Banquet (Ford)
4. 2017-2018 Lab Fees
4a Cedar Point Trip (Ford)
5 Crevolution Robotic Fundraiser
5a. Biology Safety Goggles (Henry Ford)
6 Dance Competitions (Ford)
7 Dance Team Nationals - Ford II
8 Detroit Zoo 9th Grade Field Trip
8b AP Science T-shirt for Cedar Point (Ford)
9. Freshman Mentoring T-Shirt
9a Football Fundraiser (Ford)
9b 2018 High School Graduation Video (Ford)
9c Miniature Golf
9d National Honor Society Dues (Ford)
9e PSAT Registration 11th Gr Students (Ford)
9f Sadlier Vocabulary Workbook
9g School Store Gift Card (Ford Dealers)
9h Senior Prom Tickets and DVD
9i Workbooks (Henry Ford II)
9k. Bowling Field Trip (Life and Leisure )
9l. AP Exam Registration 2017
9m. 2017-2018 Football Jerseys
9m. Alternative AP Exam Registration
Fall Sports (Ford) Boys Soccer (SO)
Fall Sports (Ford) Boys Tennis (TN)
Fall Sports (Ford) Girls Swim (SW)
Fall Sports (Ford) Cross Country (XC)
Fall Sports (Ford) Football (FB)
Fall Sports (Ford) Girls Golf (GL)
Fall Sports (Ford) Volleyball
Football Team Dinners
Powder Puff Game Fees
Spring Sports (Ford) Baseball (BA)
Spring Sports (Ford) Golf (GL)
Spring Sports (Ford) Soccer (SO)
Spring Sports (Ford) Softball (SB)
Spring Sports (Ford) Tennis (TN)
Spring Sports (Ford) Track (TR)
Volleyball Banquet
Winter Sports (Ford) Boys Swim (SW)
Winter Sports (Ford) Boys' Basketball (BB)
Winter Sports (Ford) Competitive Cheer (CC)
Winter Sports (Ford) Girls' Basketball (BB)
Winter Sports (Ford) Wrestling (WR)

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